Dental Technology Bryan TX

We Utilize the Latest Dental Technology at our Practice for Your Benefit

Dental technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. At our Bryan TX dental practice, we are committed to bringing you only the most effective, safe, and useful new dental techniques and practices. Below are just a few of the advances in dental technology that we have implemented at our practice. If you are interested in a particular service not mentioned here, please contact us today. We regularly evaluate new methods, materials, and dental technology at our practice to make sure we provide our patients with the most advanced dental care possible.

Digital X-rays

X-rays are an important and useful tool in the diagnosis and treatment of many dental conditions. However, the old X-ray methods were time-consuming and exposed our patients and team members to unnecessary radiation. Today, at dentist in Bryan, TX, we use digital imaging to capture your X-rays in a computer file that can be accessed immediately, stored indefinitely, easily shared with your other medical providers, and manipulated on-screen to better evaluate your dental condition.


For patients with alignment problems, Invisalign® is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment. Customized and replaceable molds that slowly align your teeth into position, Invisalign® has proven very popular with our patients because of its effectiveness and user-friendly nature. The plastic aligners are placed over the teeth, and are nearly imperceptible, which means you can smile with confidence. And they can be removed to eat or clean your teeth so they work with your lifestyle as well.


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